New Zealand with kids: Discover one of the world’s best family holiday destinations!

No question that travelling with small children has its challenges, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling at all – especially if you love it. There is nothing more beautiful about raising kids than passing on your passion to the next generation. So, don’t hesitate to get ready for your next family travel […]

Bondi Beach: 10 Insider Tipps To Australia’s Most Famous Beach

Bondi Beach – A place where swimsuits are the preferred outerwear, surf boards are the most common accessory and tan lines never fade. This surf-loving suburb is one of Australia’s most iconic destinations and a must for visitors. 10 Insider Tipps To Australia’s Most Famous Beach Check out Bondi farmers market: Make it your first […]

Five Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

Valentine’s Day is approaching. So it’s the perfect time to take your Valentine on a romantic couple trip. Here are some of our most favourite romantic cities: Rome: The home of great lovers like Romeo and Juliet is a champion of romance. Rent a vespa to explore the historic city, kiss at the Spanish Steps during sunset […]

Five Reasons Why South Africa Should Be On Your Travel Bucked List This Winter

Winter blues? We recommend a trip to sunny South Africa this winter.  Discover cosmopolitan cities, world-class wines, spectacular drives, unrivalled wildlife and history. This country definitively boasts something for every type of traveller. Here Our Top Five Reasons Why To Go: Landscape diversity: Discover semi-desert highlands, green foothills and perfect beaches. Unique wildlife: Enjoy extraordinary wildlife adventures at Kruger National […]