New Features

New Privacy Features For You

„Happiness is only real when shared“

said Christopher McCandless at the very end of his journey in the movie ”Into the Wild”. We agree, however, it is important to us to ensure that you are in control of your information. This is why we developed some new privacy features, available as of now.

New Privacy Feature 1: Exclude followers from trips

How it works: Select the desired trip, go to trip settings and tap “Exclude followers”. There you can choose the followers you want to exclude from the trip.

Usecase: You don’t want to share your party weekend trip with your parents? Just exclude them from the trip.

New Privacy Feature 2: Mark individual photos as private

Regardless of the privacy setting of a footprint or trip you can mark individual photos as private.

How it works: Edit the footprint, tab on a photo and then tap “Make private”.

Usecase: You’ve had and awesome day at the beach! And there is this one cool bikini shot, that is part of the memory, but you don’t want to share! Simply mark this photo as private.

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